WiFi hotspot 1.1.2

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WiFi hotspot 1.1.2WiFi hotspot 1.1.2WiFi hotspot 1.1.2WiFi hotspot 1.1.2WiFi hotspot 1.1.2WiFi hotspot 1.1.2

WiFi Hotspot is a service widget for Android devices that allows you to switch your device to WiFi hotspot mode in one click. It has several preset visual profiles and a set of tools for setting color/size/transparency manually. Can not only enable/disable Wi-Fi hotspot mode, but also enable/disable data transfer via mobile Internet. WiFi hotspot functionality Reads data streams from touchscreen, initiates displaying interface with options when long tap on any screen point (primary) and hides interface when long tap again (secondary); Puts the device's WiFi module into virtual hotspot mode; Creates a WiFi network with the specified SSID name and WPS-2 password; Checks authorization details of clients trying to connect against those specified by the user, and either allows connection if authorization is successful, or denies the request if unsuccessful; Temporarily blocks receiving requests from devices that fail authorization multiple times; Synchronizes the WiFi module with the GSM-/EDGE-/UMTS-/HSPA-/CDMA2000 module and retransmits incoming and outgoing traffic from one module to the other; Disables transmission of Internet traffic through the GSM-/EDGE-/UMTS-/HSPA-/CDMA2000 module, while maintaining synchronization with the WiFi module; Stops two-way data transmission between modules of the device and returns WiFi module settings to their initial state when the WiFi network is turned off; Adjusts the display style of the widget according to the selected profile and/or the color/size/transparency parameters specified by the user. Widget features Ability to instantly set your device to WiFi hotspot mode - in one click; Disabling data transfer via mobile Internet without turning off the WiFi access point itself; Automated protection against bruteforce attacks (password search); Availability of covert mode of operation; Low digital weight and indiscriminateness to system resources - especially when working in stealth mode; Several preset visual profiles and possibility to set color/size/transparent widget manually; Automatic restoration of the system's initial state when the widget is disabled; Does not require ROOT access. Minuses Does not set your device to forwarding mode - you can only create a WiFi hotspot on devices where such an option is provided by the basic functionality; Some Apple devices may not see the created WiFi network; Lack of collection of any statistics about the devices connected to the network; If you disable data transfer via mobile Internet, customers will not be disconnected from the network - they simply will not be able to download data.

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