WiFi Router Master 1.4.27

WiFi Router Master is a multifunctional Android utility for managing your router settings and networks. Will help you quickly access your router and check if an unknown device is connected to your network. WiFi Router Master features Supports more than five different router manufacturers (TP-Link, Netgear, Huawei, D-Link, ASUS); Provides a list of users that are connected to your network and the IP address of each device; Checks "Ping" on your device; Disconnecting any device connected to your router; The application will help you find and solve network problems as well as optimize your work within the network. Application Features Displays all the devices that are connected to your router (laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.); Through this utility you can enter the configuration of the router and change the password, network name, as well as all the standard functions of the router settings; Has an extensive list of standard data to enter the settings menu of each router; View the password set in the router.

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