WIFI WPS WPA TESTER is a Wi-Fi network tester program for Android devices. The utility tries to connect to an unknown access point using a selection of the most known vulnerabilities. Features of the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER application The program is a list of algorithms to test a WiFi network. While scanning, the utility takes turns substituting the most known and widespread vulnerabilities. The tests are divided into levels. The user can try the test with standard passwords, created by default by routers of different models and brands, or the experimental algorithm "Belkin and Arcadyan", which is the most effective in this program. But the stronger the password is, the longer you will have to wait for a positive result, because the scanning speed is slow. This is due to both the imperfections of the utility and the shortcomings of the Android operating system. After each selection of a new network the application warns that the user's actions can violate the law and the program is not responsible for that. Compared to other similar applications, here is an interesting tool that performs Wi-Fi network hacking not only by guessing passwords in different ways, but also by using weaknesses of WPS. This requires that the user's smartphone has Root rights. Benefits of Variety of settings; A unique testing algorithm; Basic tests are available without Root rights. Disadvantages Huge amount of ads; High battery consumption; Inconvenient controls and annoying warnings. The design and interface are poorly developed and places that could be occupied by useful information are occupied by advertisements. The test algorithms themselves take too long and the smartphone has to be put on charge several times.

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