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World of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz - famous all over the world and conquered millions of users online tank simulator for Android, featuring excellent graphics, historical overtones and possibilities for development in the game. Game features The player goes to the time of World War II and immersed in massive team battles in a counter-fighting format. The player has at his disposal more than 250 armored vehicles, which are divided into 4 categories: light tanks, medium, heavy and anti-tank self-propelled artillery. Presented an excellent opportunity to try your hand in a special blitz-combat mode 7 on 7, where the randomly selected two teams of seven players each, and for seven minutes to either destroy the enemy team or capture a neutral base. To win, players can form platoons of two and unite into clans. The game has a chat room - the general and the clan chat, where users can communicate, create new strategies to advance in the game, and through good teamwork to win battles and get points and bonuses. Advantages of the game clear realistic graphics; 23 unique colorful maps, each of which differs in its landscape, weather conditions, buildings; comfortable touch control; More than 250 complete tanks; system of free access to new free-to-win features; 7 on 7 team battles; paired account with; daily updated combat objectives.

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