World War Heroes 1.24.0

World War Heroes: World War II COD is a 3d first-person shooter for Android. Battles take place between the Soviet-American and German-Japanese armies. Game features The game provides 7 game modes. "Command Combat", "Mortal Combat", "Bomb Mode", "Special Operations", "Tank Command Combat", "Hardcore" and "Own Game". "Team Combat" - a battle in which you need to kill as many opponents in the allotted time, death is not limited. "Mortal combat" - a battle against all, you need to kill as many opponents as possible. "Bomb Mode" - one team must plant and hold the bomb, the other to find and disarm. "Special Operations" - a mode in which two teams fight until the last surviving player, the team with the survivor left wins. "Team Fight on Tanks" - similar to simple teamfighting, but with the use of equipment. Mode "Hardcore" - the damage inflicted by any weapon, increased by 2 times. "Your own game" - mode in which you set the rules, points are not accrued, weapons are not broken. Introduced the experience and development of the level of the account. Collecting credits given after every win, it is possible to exchange them for a new weapon or camouflage to improve it visually. There is a donat (gold). For him you can buy: new weapons, uniforms, reinforcements for the account and special boxes. From the boxes you can get: a new weapon, its improvement or improvement of the account. Implemented an intelligent guidance system and the shooting. Advantages: A huge selection of weapons; Ability to use equipment; The possibility of improving weapons; Convenient intelligent shooting system; Nice and high-quality graphics; Stability and smooth operation of the application; Cooperation with friends; Gold (donat), you can get by performing tasks.

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