XMOD Games 2.3.4

XMOD Games is a small program that allows the user of an Android tablet or smartphone to install on your device mods to facilitate the passage of a number of games. Functionality of XMOD Games XModGames gives mods to thousands of the most popular games, such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Plants Vs Zombies 2 or Angry Birds Go. It allows the player to collect much more coins or gems, get unlimited moves and number of lives, change the gameplay, make it even more exciting. The application requires root rights. After installing the program its user has access to a list of games with mods and all information about them version, description in Russian, update date, etc. Working with the application XModGames scans your device for installed games and shows a list of available mods, including their detailed description, any errors and compatibility notes; helps you choose the appropriate version of the game mod. Installing a mod is a simple process that includes a quick download. XMOD Games has a Write To Us option available in the settings that allows the user to contact the developers to clarify any questions they have regarding the options and operation of the program. Advantages Easy to use; Lots of mods; Excellent support. Disadvantages Possible glitches; Errors when opening and using the manual and FAQ; Need to root the device in advance.

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