8 Ball Pool 5.2.0

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8 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.08 Ball Pool 5.2.0

8 Ball Pool is a billiards table game simulator for Android. The game is done in two dimensional plane, volumetric only balls. Players at the table are not displayed, only table and cue are visible. You can control the direction and strength of the strike, which are displayed during the preparation of the strike in the form of white lines. Several game modes are available. Players need to make an entry fee to participate in the game. The winner of the party gets the whole loot, random prizes and experience points, the loser player only gets experience points. The higher your game level, the more tables are open for play. Each table has its own rating and its own rules. The higher the table ranking is, the higher the entry fee to play and therefore the higher the reward if you win. Play at different tables, complete tasks of tables, increase your skill level, win, be rewarded with coins, table rings and valuable prizes. Features 8 Ball Pool Play on a virtual pool table; Adjust the direction and strength of your shot; ball spinning; choosing your opponents; play with friends; posting on social media about their victories and achievements; Taking part in tournaments and championships; a rematch if you lose; a variety of cues; unique table rings; Game parameter regulation. Functionality Game shop; game chat; customization of the application; mailbox; social networking support; different game modes; table of records; daily free roulette; coins for watching videos; prize chests; League, friends, country and world rankings.

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