Adblock Browser 1.3.2

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Adblock Browser 1.3.2Adblock Browser 1.3.2Adblock Browser 1.3.2Adblock Browser 1.3.2Adblock Browser 1.3.2Adblock Browser 1.3.2

Adblock Browser for Android is a web browser with an integrated ad content blocker. Disables contextual, intrusive, pop-up and other types of ads. "Cuts out advertising fragments embedded in videos. "Side benefits of the browser include optimized battery consumption, faster loading speeds, tangible traffic savings, and reduced likelihood of device infection. Allows you to "give ad privilege" to your favorite sites, to support them. Adblock Browser functionality Interprets hypertext markup pages and searches for "ad code"; Groups detected "ad code" by conceptual differences; Automatically blocks specified varieties of "ad code" from loading web pages; Detects ad insertions in video clips and blocks them from playing; Disables (optional) processing of any app requests initiating the collection of information about the user (search history, recently visited web pages, calendar and time zone data, geolocation data, etc.) Advantages of Flexibility of the filter settings; Ability to partially disable the blocker for specific ad types and for your favorite sites in general; Reduces the risk of infecting your device by reducing the likelihood of accidentally clicking on a viral link disguised as an ad. Minuses Some sites have built-in "ad blockers" - you'll have to configure privileges to visit them.

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