2.5.6 2.5.6 logo 2.5.6 is a colorful minimalistic game for Android, the purpose of which is to grow a huge cell. The playing field is a sheet of notebook. You start out as a small cell of a living organism, to increase mass and volume you need to absorb other cells on the game map. Large cells absorb smaller ones, too large cells can split into several smaller ones and join back together. The appearance of the cell can be changed by buying a skin in the game store. In addition to the appearance of the store are available starter bonuses and useful potions for rapid development. Control of the cell is quite simple, the cell moves for the movement of your finger on the screen. The greater the weight of the cage, the more coins and experience are rewarded. In-game statistics on the main screen shows the maximum mass collected, the number of cells eaten, the time of survival on the map and the best place in the ranking. features change the game name; choosing the appearance of the cell; ingestion of cells of other players; shopping in the in-game store; choice of game modes; playing in a group with friends; publication of their records in social networks. Functionality in-game purchase store; free coins; secret potions; league, country and world rankings and prizes; changing and customizing game parameters; game profile.

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