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Alchemy 2.1Alchemy 2.1Alchemy 2.1Alchemy 2.1Alchemy 2.1Alchemy 2.1

Alchemy for Android - a game based on the creation of new elements from existing ones. Features Alchemy - Alchemy Several hundred possible recipes; at the beginning of the game are given four elements (fire, water, air and earth); Mixing any components (but not every reaction brings a result); inactive elements are marked to facilitate gameplay. Game Features A fascinating game that requires knowledge, patience, and memory is now available on handheld devices. Its essence is to mix different elements to make components. During the game you will have to create various physical and natural phenomena, as well as objects, using improvised means. There are no hints, but there is a little help for each element, borrowed from Wikipedia. Advantages of interesting and exciting gameplay; The game requires logical thinking and memory; More than three hundred elements to create.

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