Archery King 1.0.31

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Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31Archery King 1.0.31

Archery King for Android is an arcade style archery simulator. First, it offers a training level - you will learn how to aim in a strong side wind, draw the bowstring, shoot, as well as cancel moves. On the range your opponents will be real people, chosen by random coincidence. The higher the level, the higher the stakes and the stronger the players. Only one finger is used to control the game. In order to aim and release an arrow you need to keep your finger on the screen and then move it away. The more accurate the shot, the more points the player gets, the higher his level, and thus the easier it is to get more powerful and accurate equipment. The gameplay involves several game modes: Trial, Classic, Race, Game for Time and against friends. The latter mode allows you to send invitations to your friends via social networking. In Challenge mode, no internet connection is needed. This mode includes over 100 levels with different conditions in which the player has to hit the targets accurately. The Classic and Race modes are multiplayer, meaning they are designed to compete with other players, and also require an internet connection. The Trial and Time Play modes are designed for individual play, but in the second case it takes time for the player's energy to recover. Archery king features some modes require an internet connection to play; simple rules; large number of locations; various equipment items; intuitive one-finger control; easy to use; high quality graphics and animations; clear interface; large selection of weapons and equipment; good soundtrack; good optimisation.

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