AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0

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AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.0

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root is a video capture utility for Android. Allows you to record a video stream streaming to the screen of the device in FullHD-/QHD-video file without first obtaining ROOT access. It is equipped with flexible tools for editing video recording parameters both in manual and automatic modes. Has a built-in video-trimmer and video to .gif-file converter. You can draw on the screen in real time. Functionality of AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Captures video stream from the device GPU, interprets it and outputs in the interface; Starts / pauses / stops video recording at the initiation of the corresponding buttons and / or when a user-defined condition of autocontrol recording (so much time has passed on the timer, the specified application is open, etc.); Speed up, slow down, change the bit rate and frame-rate, scale, adjust the aperture ratio, change the color channels, show the pressure points on the screen, and otherwise modify the recorded video in accordance with the user's edits; Captures information streams from the touchscreen and interprets them as brush/pencil lines when the corresponding function is activated; Saves the recording result with all edits made to FullHD-/QHD-video, and moves it to the specified memory directory of the device or connected portable information media; Converts the video sequence of the selected video file to .gif animation. Utility features Does not require obtaining ROOT privileges in advance; You can pause and resume recording of the video stream; Automatically start/stop/continue recording when the specified auto-recording control rules are met; Flexible functional tools for video stream editing, including pencil and brush; Recorded video stream is rendered in full-featured FullHD-/QHD-video; Integrated video converter of recorded video files to .gif file. Disadvantages Some of the functional tools are chargeable; Lack of ability to rebroadcast the recording in real time through online services; Integrated advertising inserts.

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