Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1

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Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1Beat The Boss 2 2.9.1

Beat the Boss 2 is a fun arcade simulation game for Android, thanks to which you can finally get revenge on your unfair boss for everything. The game offers a whole set of punishments for the office tyrant: you can tickle him to death, put him in a trash can, beat him mercilessly with a boxing glove or a stick with nails, throw darts, throw grenades, shoot him with all kinds of firearms, throw him against walls and floor, and also press his head with a door. Initially you'll have to punish the boss with improvised means, but later you can buy special gizmos. The more subtle you are, the more money you get, and then you can afford to buy more weapons and firearms. The arrow in the upper right corner of the screen will help you choose an effective weapon. You can change the appearance of your boss by buying clothes in the store. You have the ability to resurrect your boss if you feel like continuing the punishment. Also perform special exciting tasks and get bonuses. All special effects in the game are as close to reality as possible. Beat the Boss 2 Features Suitable both for tablets and smartphones; more than 80 kinds of weapons; high quality simulation; russification; a variety of locations; 7 levels, each with a new boss; there is no multiplayer mode; simple, intuitive controls; good graphics and animation; smart user-friendly interface; great optimization; realistic sound accompaniment with a lot of special effects.

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