Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3

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Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3Beat The Boss 4 1.7.3

Beat the Boss 4 is a fun arcade simulator for Android, which will give the opportunity to "blow off steam" to those who are tired of the eternal criticism and attacks of the bosses. The action takes place in an office, where behind the small partitions other workers are sitting. On the right side of the screen is a menu for choosing weapons. You have at your disposal an impressive arsenal of means to punish the offender: a wide variety of stationery, many types of cold and firearms, nuclear missiles, a bolt gun, a Molotov cocktail, fugu fish, a fly swatter, a giant statue of Buddha, a piano, light bulbs and rocket launchers. The essence of the game is to inflict on the boss as much damage as possible for one level, from which he will depart into the next world. For this you will receive coins. Bounty you can spend on upgrades to weapons. If the boss dies and you still haven't quenched your thirst for revenge, you can resurrect him for a fee and prolong his execution. Using a special editor, you can change the boss' appearance so that he looks like your real boss. In addition to the infernal torture, there are other interesting quests in the game, for which bonuses and gifts are given. The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can compete with your friends in the number of bosses you can kill. Beat the Boss 4 Features Suitable for both tablets and smartphones 30 interactive levels; 180 options to customize the appearance of the boss; about 130 kinds of weapons; 10 unique maps with different types of expletives; multiplayer is present; intuitive controls; realistic graphics and fun animations; smart interface; great optimization; successful sound accompaniment with a lot of special effects. Shortcomings of the game No Russian language.

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