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BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26BombSquad 1.5.26

BombSquad - multiplayer fighting game for Android, in which players have to destroy each other mainly through the use of a variety of explosive devices. However, in addition to bombs, grenades, mines and other explosive devices to destroy the enemies are allowed to use their fists and improvised means. You can also destroy opponents with the help of mechanisms located on the ground. BombSquad Gameplay Choose one of three game modes: friend versus computer enemy, team versus tournament, or every man for himself; Decide on a team and the appearance of your character; Arm yourself with the necessary bombs, grenades, mines and other tools to help you blow up your enemies; Rip into the battlefield, mine likely trajectories of your enemies, cut off escape routes by guarantors, hit your opponents with hands, feet, and anything else you can get your hands on; Use your wits to take out multiple enemies at once using part of the arena; Collect crystals dropped from the enemies, steal the flag of the opposing team, score as many goals as possible and complete all other additional tasks, while killing as many opponents as possible; Try not to get hit by enemy grenades or step on enemy mines, otherwise you'll be torn apart; Avoid the melee masters - keep them at a distance from you and throw bombs at them; Fulfill all the conditions of your chosen battle mode to win; Explore new "explosive technologies" for the resources you collect to make winning future battles even easier. Features Aesthetically appealing cartoon graphics; Beautiful animations; Huge arsenal of exploding gadgets; Abundant ways to customize your character; The possibility of cooperative play against bots; Nice music; Realistic explosions sounds; Does not load the "iron"; Cons No single player; It consumes a lot of traffic; The presence of advertising inserts; Requires fast Internet (with weak game is possible, but the characters react with a 2-3-second delay).

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