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CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator is a paper document scanner for Android devices. The tool is able to analyze photos taken by your camera and turn them into .PDF-documents. Supports batch digitizing of photos. Equipped with an intelligent text recognition system and enhance the clarity of images. Can instantly find the desired fragment of an electronic document by photographing its real prototype with an integrated OCR-search engine. Has a suite of powerful tools for pre-editing captured photos and in-depth editing of .PDF files created from them. Able to sync with cloud storage. Functionality CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator Captures data from the camcorder, uploads the created photo to the interface; Crops, flips, rotates, scales captured photos according to user specified edits; Creates in its own clipboard .pdf-files, based on the uploaded or several selected photographs, including - in batch mode; Analyzes the uploaded photo, interprets fragments of real printed and handwritten text and virtual typed text; Automatically corrects photographed images using an intelligent pre-processing algorithm to achieve optimum clarity; Places virtual printed text and digitized copies of real images on the pages of the .pdf file being created; Adjusts the .pdf file and its contents according to user input; Saves the result to a specified location, including to the cloud; Searches photographed text or images within the selected files and displays the search results in an interface. Scanner Features Intelligent algorithms for text recognition; Automated image correction system; Integrated tools for image pre-editing and in-depth editing of .pdf files; High recognition rates for printed text; Ability to interpret handwritten text; Built-in OCR search engine; Synchronisation with Google Drive,, SkyDrive, Evernote and Dropbox. Minuses Some of the functional tools (including the watermark deactivation feature) are chargeable; Integrated advertising inserts; Free access to Evernote and SkyDrive only available for 7 days.

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