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Candy Crush Saga is a classic three in a row casual puzzle game for Android. The main task of the players is to collect a certain number of points within the allotted period of time. To do this, you must put sweets of the same colour in rows of three or more. This game differs from other analogues with an abundance of tools for accelerating the destruction of sweets - by opening special wrappers, opening candy bombs and destroying several colored lines at once, players can significantly speed up the set of points needed for passage. Candy Crush Saga Gameplay Choose from a variety of gameplay modes such as Campaign, Time or Multiplayer; Explore the generated candy field to choose the best play strategy; Complete your first move by combining three or more pieces of candy in a row to eliminate them and earn points; Try to eliminate the sweets in such a way that the new ones that replace those eliminated are also stacked into combinations of three, so you can speed up the game and have your hands free in time mode; Use the bonus moves to instantly destroy whole cascades of sweets; Complete all levels in the minimum amount of time to win the gold medal in "campaign" and "timed" modes, or earn more points than your competitors in "multiplayer" mode. Puzzle Features Several dozens of candies, differing in both colour and "meaning"; Availability of multiplayer; Special game mode with a limited time limit; Possibility of weekly free bonuses; Nice music; Regular updates; Does not load the "iron". Cons Multiplayer consumes a lot of traffic; Requires internet connection to get bonuses; Part of the content is paid; Part of the content is paid; Advertising inserts.

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