Car Home Ultra 4.33

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Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33Car Home Ultra 4.33

Car Home Ultra is a symbiosis of GPS navigator, weather aggregator and "motorist assistant" for Android. Collects, analyses and visualises data on vehicle movement, location, surrounding weather and other "useful for motorist" information in graphical widgets. Can create "shortcuts" for quick access to applications and numbers. Allows you to pre-set the operator through whom a call will be made to a specific number. Automatically changes visual appearance depending on the time of day, to improve the visual perception of information. Car Home Ultra features Analyzes geolocation data from geopositioning sensors, calculates the position of the car and visualizes the result in the interface; "Collects" weather reports from different sources, determines the most reliable and displays weather information in the interface; Processes indicators of changes in location, calculates vehicle speed and displays "useful information" (remaining time to destination, number of kilometres available for driving with available fuel, most suitable petrol stations located in the place of expected "draining" of the tank, etc.); Associates "marked" applications and numbers with one of 18 "shortcuts" and instantly starts/calls it when the "shortcut" is pressed; Automatically changes the interface, to improve night/daytime perception; "Remembers" the operator selected for a particular number and automatically makes a call through the appropriate sim card; Displays "selected" information streams in widgets; Modifies device settings to optimize battery consumption when "economy" mode is selected. Utility Features GPS navigator, weather aggregator and multifunctional "motorist assistant" in one package; Smart speedometer, which allows you to calculate the speed of arrival at your destination, the remaining kilometrage to refuel and much more; Relatively "truthful" weather report; Powerful algorithms to determine the validity of the weather forecast; Possibility to set up a separate widget for each data stream; 18 customisable shortcuts/calls; Ability to select an operator to call a specific number; No ads; Battery saving mode. Disadvantages On some (Chinese) devices functions that use bluetooth can "put" the software part of the firmware responsible for bluetooth; Lack of russification; Paid functions.

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