CM Battery 1.3.10

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CM Battery 1.3.10CM Battery 1.3.10CM Battery 1.3.10CM Battery 1.3.10CM Battery 1.3.10CM Battery 1.3.10

CM Battery is an app that allows you to optimize the battery resources on your Android devices. Significantly extends battery life and allows you to maximise your phone's performance through power saving mode. Detects and locks power-hungry apps, reduces screen brightness, and turns off functions you don't use. A unique 3-step charging system, intelligent network analysis and a functional application manager are also available. The app will remind the user of the remaining charge level and operating time of the phone. In charging mode, a special screen saver is activated and the time required until full charge is displayed. CM Battery features no ads; concise design; simple intuitive interface; does not require complicated actions - one touch on the screen is enough to start the application; does not consume a lot of resources; easy and fast download; takes up little space. App disadvantages occasional freezing of the charge indicator; sometimes it is not possible to read the information because the splash screen is stretched too much; the app disappears from "special features" when it is cleared or exited.

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