CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0

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CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0CM Launcher 3D 5.97.0

CM Launcher 3D is an application manager for managed Android devices. Equipped with tools for installing, rooting and running .apk files and a huge number of visualization and interface customization tools. Can categorize and filter existing applications and .apk files. It has built-in algorithms for calculating, creating and implementing optimization patterns to increase the performance of devices. Contains a number of features for securing the device and confidentiality of the information stored on it. Features CM Launcher 3D Allows you to interact with the custom applications; Optimizes Android; Locks (optional) running apps to ensure privacy of user's communications and media files; Allows you to automatically and manually adjust the amount of system resources allocated to apps; Associates and integrates visualisation elements (icons, buttons, themes, wallpapers, skins, widgets, etc.) with apps; Sorts available applications and .apk files according to user preferences; Locks (optional) the device in case of unsuccessful authorisation; Automatically takes photos (optional) and sends to a specified email the space in front of the device when authorisation fails; Hides selected applications from the interface and list of running processes; Automatically (optional) moves user files to specified directories and cleans them according to a list of "cleanliness rules"; Analyzes and outputs notifications by preprocessing their visual component in a user-defined way. Advantages of Large number (over 10,000) of free visualisation tools (icons, skins, 3D themes, HD wallpapers, etc.); Possibility to quickly get a picture of a person trying to unlock the device in case of loss, theft or unauthorized use; No need to perform routine tasks (sorting of photos, movies or music, shutting down processes that are not involved, updating news feeds, etc.) Ability to create your own visualization elements using integrated toolkits; Lock and hide sensitive applications and information; Transmission of information about the location of the device in case of theft, through all existing information channels - removing SIM cards and disabling wireless network connection mode will not help intruders; Ability to initiate functions with gestures; Special filtering function of the signal fed to the display, to reduce the impact on the vision of HEV rays. Cons Integrated advertising; Hidden apps are easy to spot by entering the Launcher; Requires care in setting up each tool.

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