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Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0Coinbase 6.6.0

Coinbase is a handy and simple Bitcoin e-wallet that allows you to securely perform various transactions: buy, sell and use cryptocurrency directly from your Android device. Features of Coinbase To work with the app, you need to create a Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet account, which can be managed both from your phone and computer. With the mobile app, users can easily sell and buy currency through a Coinbase account or a bank card linked to it. It also allows users to pay at more than 35,000 online businesses: Expedia, Overstock and other online shops. Application functionality Coinbase is equipped with a powerful set of useful features which will make your wallet not only safe but also easy to use: When carrying out money transactions using other currencies, there is an automatic conversion of funds; The application has its own storage, which provides enhanced security for your personal data; The functionality allows you to set an additional pin-code to log in and completely disable access in case your mobile device is stolen or lost; request or payment can be made using: email, name or wallet account; instant search for people is possible via Google account; fast transactions via QR and NFC codes. Advantages intuitive interface; full security of funds; multiple levels of transaction security; support for more than 11 languages; 24x7 technical support.

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