Crash Drive 2 3.70

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Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70Crash Drive 2 3.70

Crash Drive 2 - dynamic multiplayer racing simulator for Android, made in excellent three-dimensional graphics. You are waiting for a crazy race for survival on various tracks with numerous stunts. Any stunt you pull off, like jumping off a ramp, can earn you a reward, and you can upgrade your car. The performance of the car improves after passing the control points. The user can choose from 3 medium performance vehicles at the beginning, but as the user accumulates experience and levels are upgraded there are more than 30 types of vehicles available: taxis; sports cars; jeeps; buses; trucks. There are 5 different tanks and 5 special arenas available for the tank battle mode. Competition can take place in one of six modes: - 'Stunts'; "Ring Search"; "Race"; "Race to the King's Race; "Pursuit"; "Coin Picking. In Coin Collect mode you'll need to collect more coins than your opponents within 2 minutes. In Stunt Mode you'll have to perform spectacular jumps and manoeuvres. Race mode involves demonstrating all the speed your car is capable of. The game can be played in multiplayer mode, where you can compete with users from all over the world, as well as in single player mode. Crash Drive 2 Features Internet is required for full game play; 4 large-scale locations, each with its own secrets; 30 types of vehicles to unlock as you play; 6 competition modes; leaderboards and scorecards; special car tuning system; clever user-friendly interface; good optimization; multiplayer; exciting soundtrack.

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