Dino Pets 1.1.4

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Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4Dino Pets 1.1.4

Dino Pets is a fun game with cute dinosaurs for Android, similar to the game "farm". In a world where dinosaurs and humans live together, a destructive meteorite heading for the planet forces the dinosaurs to flee to a safe zone. Many miles later, the dinosaurs stop for a breather. Luckily, they meet a tribe of humans who help them build a shelter for the dinosaurs and their children. Dino Pets game features Little dinosaurs start living in shelters. You can watch the animals as they gradually transform from children to adult dinosaurs. There are many dinosaurs to explore, from the friendly Diplodocus to the scary Tyrannosaurus; you can turn a dinosaur sanctuary into a well-appointed home. You need to buy decorations and build various structures to play with dinosaurs as pets. Collect income from the stores you build to earn even more coins; you can build your own incubator, which will allow you to pick up your baby from the nursery to reunite them with their family. Be creative, each dinosaur has to come up with a name; Discover the rarest and most beautiful breeds of dinosaurs, by crossbreeding different breeds. Amazing new creatures will make the dinosaur sanctuary even more colorful; Through Facebook, you can invite your friends to the game. Check out other dinosaur dwellings and rate them. Features Fifty real dinosaurs that once lived on our planet long ago; About twenty mythical animals; A large number of mini-games that give rewards; income can be earned through stores and shopping carts; Facebook will help share your achievements in the game; high-quality 3D graphics; In order to earn more rewards, you need to complete tasks; Disadvantages No Russian language support.

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