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Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0Docs Viewer 17.9.0

Docs Viewer is a text and image viewer symbiosis for Android. Designed to open text-graphic files without further editing. Equipped with its own file manager that simplifies the search for text documents and images. Supports instant import of text files into .DOC-, .XLS-, .ODS-, . .PPT-, .PPS-, .DOCX-, .XPS-, .XLSX-, .PPTX-, .JAVA-, .PPSX-, .SXW-, .SXC-, .XML-, .SXI-, XML-, .SDW-, .TXT-, .SDC-, .SDD-, .ODT-, .ODP-, .RTF-, . HWP-, .WPD-, .HTM-, .HTML-, .CSS-, .C-, .PDF-, .PS-, .EPS-, and .CBZ- formats, and images in .JPEG-, .JPG-, .MRW-, .JPE-, . PNG-, .NRW-, .GIF-, .WEBP-, .ORF-, .TIFF-, .BMP-, .PEF-, .DIB-, .ICO-, .3FR- , .CUR-, .WBMP-, .DNG-, .ARW-, .CR2-, .RWL-, .CRW-, .DCR-, .RAF-, . ERF-, .MOS-, .NEF-, .RW2-, .SVG-, .SRW-, .X3F-, and .AI-formats in one click. Docs Viewer functionality Scans the system, identifies text and image files in supported formats, and displays them as a list in the interface; Filters files displayed in the list according to user-defined filtering rules (size, type, creation time, etc.); Imports the selected file to its own clipboard and displays the text and/or graphic information stored in it in the interface; Scans the contents of the open document for programming language syntax, highlights the syntax in the interface when detected; Moves between adjacent or to a specified page in the document; Scales, flips and mirrors images, changes text size and colour, number of pages visible simultaneously, enables/disables rendering of images in text documents and otherwise changes the way contents of the opened file are displayed according to user-specified parameters; Memorises the text specified in the search string, analyses the content of the opened text document, correlates data from the search string with the content, and displays the search result in the interface. Features of the browser Support for most popular text and image-based document types, including PDFs, MS Office documents, CSS cascading stylesheets, and JAVA scripts; Support for most popular image types, includingRAW images from professional digital cameras; Flexible display options for the contents of the open file; Illumination of programming languages syntax in the interface; Integrated file manager that ignores unsupported file types, with the ability to filter found text and image files by specified attributes; Availability of its own search engine for specified text fragments. Disadvantages Lack of any text/graphics editing tools; Integrated advertising inserts.

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