Docx card reader 4.7

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Docx card reader 4.7Docx card reader 4.7Docx card reader 4.7Docx card reader 4.7Docx card reader 4.7Docx card reader 4.7

Docx card reader is a document viewer and multiformat text editor for Android. Equipped with an integrated file manager and multi-format converter, adapted to the architecture of MS Office files. Can work with most popular text and graphic file formats, including .PDF and .HTHL. Instantly acquires and sorts out information from .XLSX-/.XML- and .JSON- databases via an intelligent parser. It supports interoperability with documents in both legacy digital architectures created in MS Office older than 2007, and in newer "X-format" file architectures created with MS Office 2007 distribution and younger. It has a built-in set of tools for sending files to e-mail and/or the cloud. Docx card reader functionality Scans system, identifies supported file formats and display them in the form of a tree-structured list; Loads selected .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .PPT, .PPTX, .TXT, .XLSX, .XLS, .JSON, .RTF, .HTML, .HTM files, interprets their contents and outputs them to the interface; Creates, deletes, copies, cuts, pastes, reformats, scales, saves in a specified format and otherwise modifies the contents of the open file, according to the user's edits; Converts selected legacy digital architecture documents to X-architecture text documents, and vice versa; Converts text data from .DOC, .DOCX files to .TXT files and vice versa; Converts text and graphic data from .DOC-/.DOCX files into .PDF-/.HTML-/.HTM files and back, while maintaining their structural integrity; Adapts the selected image into an "understandable" MS Office document, and inserts it into the specified position in the file to be edited; Analyses the contents of the .XLSX, .XLS, .JSON files by means of the parser, and offers several options for sorting/filtering the information stored in them. Sends the selected file to the specified email address as an email attachment and/or copies it to the specified cloud data storage. Editor features Support for most popular text and graphic documents; Ability to work with both legacy and X-versions of MS Office documents; Built-in file manager; Multiple multi-format converters; Parser for .XLSX, .XLS, and .JSON databases. Ability to send file to e-mail or cloud in one click. Minuses Some of the functional tools are chargeable; Integrated advertising inserts.

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