Dragon City 10.5.5

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Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5Dragon City 10.5.5

Dragon City is a multiplayer fantasy fighting game about dragons for Android. Players will have to raise their own tame dragons, train them in the art of warfare and fight their opponents' dragons. In addition to the basic types of dragons sold in special shops, you can also create unique hybrids and find the eggs of legendary dragons by completing special quests. Dragon City gameplay Choose from the basic dragon eggs that are available; Construct a nest for the future dragon and wait for it to hatch from the egg; Care for and feed the little dragon, and keep it safe from enemies as it grows; Train your young dragon in the art of war, so he can defeat enemy dragons in battle; Complete quests and defeat your opponents to earn gold and experience points; Purchase dragon eggs of other dragon breeds and a variety of support items to gather a dragon army and increase the efficiency of your fire-breathing lizards in battle; Spawn new dragons, and cross breed genomes to breed stronger individuals; Study the Dragon Book to learn the benefits of each breed of fire-breathing lizard; Build your own settlement, worthy of the legendary dragons; Compete in special dragon tournaments between cities, to earn even more gold and experience; Build dragon temples to increase the power of dragons; Find legendary dragon eggs during quests, and raise truly monstrous dragons from them; Build a collection of over 500 basic dragon species alone, complete all quests, win at least one dragon tournament, and win as often as possible to be ranked among the world's best dragon mentors! Adventurer Features Beautiful animated graphics; Over 500 basic, several dozen legendary and thousands of hybrid dragons - each with their own unique features; Ability to crossbreed dragon genomes; Sophisticated lizard growth simulation system; Nice soundtrack; Cooperative battles with real people; Ability to build your own settlement and raid enemy settlements; A huge number of supporting items; Plenty of interesting story quests. Cons: Some content must be paid for; Lack of single-player; Consume a lot of traffic; Demanding to hardware resources; The place for settlements on the global map is randomly chosen - friends can be "scattered" very far from each other.

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