Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2

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Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2Dude Perfect 2 1.6.2

Dude Perfect 2 is an action sports game for Android. In the game you have to throw all sorts of round objects in a basketball basket. To make the shots used: basketballs, volleyballs and footballs; bowling balls; spiked heads; smiley faces; zombie eyes and heads; globes; asteroids; billiard balls; fish tanks. The more accurately the shot is made, the more coins and notes will be given as rewards. The action takes place not on the basketball courts, but in different locations on the city map. The starting point of the map is near the airport hangars, which is why there are so many boxes and tyres near the basketball hoop. To move around the areas of the city, you need to cover the points on the map one by one. The map menu shows the points available to pass, the energy you have, and the amount of stars, coins and banknotes you've earned. Energy is consumed while passing the points, and coins and banknotes can be spent in the shop to buy in-game items. During the match, you must control the strength and direction of your shots to hit the basket. The number of balls is limited and is shown at the bottom left of the screen. At the top of the screen is a countdown of the time remaining. The characters in the game are called 'superior dudes'. Each has their own unique name. You can look at the characters in the shop, where you can also see the "balls". The game has cartoonish graphics with well-drawn details on the clothes, muscles and hairstyles of the characters, clever drawings on the "balls" and well-crafted game locations. All the action in the application is accompanied by sound effects. Dude Perfect 2 has a number of features shooting "balls" in a basketball basket; map traversal; collecting heroes; post records to social networks. Features daily challenges and giveaways; in-game purchase shop; application settings; mini-games with prizes; in-game achievement statistics. Disadvantages Lack of Russian translation.

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