Dungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0n

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Dungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0nDungeon Hunter 5 4.9.0n

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a multiplayer 3D fighting arcade game for Android in the style of "hack-n-slash!" with elements of RPG-setting. Players will have to become part of an elite squad of bounty hunters, regularly sent into dungeons to kill monsters, bandits, fugitives and underworld personalities, not wealthy customers. Dungeon Hunter 5 Gameplay Choose your character's warrior class, design your look, join your favorite gang of cutthroats and go on a quest to earn your keep; Explore the world around you, take the appropriate quests for your warrior class and travel deep into the dungeons to complete them and receive your reward; Be warned - some tasks may be too difficult for you at first, and failure to complete them may result in forfeit fees; Destroy the monsters, bandits, important people and all enemies you encounter along the way, collect items dropped from them, and get rewards for the target's head when you return to your customer; Note that each mission has a time limit within which you not only have to kill the target, but also have time to return for the reward; Get money for completed orders, sell collected items, and buy better weapons and equipment to gain an advantage in battles; Each battle will earn you some experience points and, with enough of them, you can improve the skills of your character - think of which skill should be developed as soon as possible, and which should wait for a better time; Learn magic rituals so you can cast spells during battle and crush your toughest enemies to death; Construct strongholds to store loot, defend them against raids, and raid enemy fortifications; Create clever traps, hide them in your strongholds and provoke other cutthroats to attack your fortifications, so you can regularly collect items from their corpses without direct combat; Become worthy to receive the task of eliminating the most formidable dungeon creature, survive the encounter with it, bring its head to the customer and receive a special quest "wanted", after which all dungeon thugs will turn on you; Survive the longest "wanted" quest and make it to the list of dungeon legends! Arcade Features Easy to control; Dozens of acrobatic stunts and hand-to-hand combat techniques; Over 900 weapons and equipment; Huge, ever-expanding in-game dungeon map; Regular weekly updates to the quest system; 90 detailed story missions, and several hundred secondary quests; Decent level of graphic visuals; High-quality movement animations of characters and mobs; Nice soundtrack; Ability to control the elements. Cons Lack of full-fledged single-player - there are only a few unrelated missions in a single company; Some of the content is paid for; Advertising integration; Uses a lot of traffic; Demanding to "iron".

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