Easy Backup 10.5

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Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5Easy Backup 10.5

Easy Backup is a feature-rich Android utility with simple controls to back up your contacts. Indispensable when you lose your device, you can easily transfer your contacts to a new device. All copies are automatically saved on the memory card. Import contact details in one click. Sending of saved information via email and recovery of data from copies is possible. The app will be useful for all smartphone and tablet users. Easy Backup features Offline backup capability without the need to sync with the server; easy data recovery; fast export of backups to file hosts and SD cards; transfer contacts between accounts; VCF (VCard) format support; Russian menu; several ways to export files with saved data; support of multiple services and email clients; only necessary functionality; can be used instead of standard Contact Manager; does not require a lot of resources of the device; simple and clear menu; simple settings; concise design. Disadvantages of the app there is a limit on the number of contacts - no more than 500; there are problems with restoring from the cloud; sometimes crashes when saving data.

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