Emoji Switcher 2.1.8

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Emoji Switcher 2.1.8Emoji Switcher 2.1.8Emoji Switcher 2.1.8Emoji Switcher 2.1.8Emoji Switcher 2.1.8Emoji Switcher 2.1.8

Emoji Switcher is a utility that allows you to use emoji packs from various operating systems on your Android device. The user is prompted to choose from a variety of packages, which can be easily downloaded and quickly installed. Emoticons from different versions of Google, LG, Samsung, iOS9, Twitter and Emoji One are available. Once the emoji pack has been installed, a reboot of the device is required so that previously installed apps can recognise recent changes. The user has the option to revert to the default emoji set previously installed. Add variety to your communication with friends by using bright and unusual emoji icons. Emoji Switcher features large selection of emoji with high quality graphics superuser privileges required; regular updates; various bugfixes; ability to easily and quickly swap an old emoji pack for a new one. possibility of downloading emoji packs from the Internet; simple interface; user-friendly intuitive menu does not consume a lot of resources of the device; high quality graphics; broad functionality. Disadvantages there is no preview of the emoji sets; new emoji may require an OS update to be displayed.

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