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ESET Mobile Security for Android is a distribution of antivirus utilities. Contains tools to detect and block viruses, prevent data phishing, disable adware and malware, bypass blocker ransomware, and perform other activities related to the security of your device. Audits app security, track and remember device location, auto-run customizable security templates at specified times, and much more. ESET Mobile Security features Analyzes running processes, network protocols and user files Identifies, isolates and removes malicious code Prevents data theft; Disables and blocks unauthorised remote access Notifies you when harmful resources are accessed and when an attempt is made to install an infected application; Logs transactions in progress; Detects and regularly logs the device's last known location (optional); Sends known GPS coordinates when stolen (optional); Triggers an "alarm" when approaching a lost device (optional). Benefits Extensive signatures; Gentle load on the machine for "regular" scanning; Relatively fast "deep" scanning; Highly intelligent algorithms against phishing and "live" attacks; Accessible help information and a "friendly" interactive "adjutant"; Flexible tools for fine-tuning security settings; The license purchased covers up to 5 machines; All major security components are included in the trial version. Disadvantages Frequent conflicts with applications requiring root privileges; Additional protection modules are not available for free testing; May block operation of VPN applications.

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