FainoTV 4.2.1

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FainoTV 4.2.1FainoTV 4.2.1FainoTV 4.2.1FainoTV 4.2.1FainoTV 4.2.1FainoTV 4.2.1

FainoTV is an aggregator of online TV channels for Android. Allows you to download, view and save online broadcasts of popular Ukrainian TV channels in one click. Equipped with an integrated aggregator of upcoming broadcasts and sorting channels by thematic sections. Able to remind broadcasts marked as favorites and play past broadcasts. FainoTV features Synchronizes with the server part of the aggregator and uploads the programme of online broadcasts; Sorts the uploaded channels into thematic sections and/or filters them according to the filtering rules specified by the user; Displays a list of available TV shows and online channels and automatically downloads the video stream of the selected channel and plays it in the interface; Loads the last online stream of the selected programme and plays it in the interface; Memorises programmes marked as favourites by the user, automatically generates a notification displayed in advance - for a specified period of time, and immediately before the broadcast; Writes the uploaded video stream to the user's device as a normal video file; Notifies the user about upcoming and introduced innovations in TV channels' broadcasts by means of an interactive feed. Aggregator features Dozens of popular Ukrainian TV channels right in your device; Built-in function to sort virtual TV channels by thematic sections and flexibly adjustable filter for attributes; Possibility to view the programme of scheduled TV programmes and mark favourite ones as favourites; Automatic user notification in advance - in due time before favourite programme airs, and just before it airs; Possibility to replay past broadcasts; Possibility to record the playing video stream into a video file; Interactive feed with information about planned and implemented innovations. Minuses Integrated advertising inserts that can only be deactivated by purchasing a paid subscription; Online broadcasts of the virtual TV channels "STB", "QTV", "M1", "ICTV", "Novy" and "M2" are paid; The broadcasts of "UFO TV", "Football 1", "Indigo TV", "Ukraine" and "Football 2" are not available for viewing at the moment - negotiations with rightsholders are underway.

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