Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5

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Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan 4.3.5

Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan is a multi-page OCR scanner for Android devices. Capable of analyzing and converting paper documents, book pages, business cards, whiteboards and other traditional optical media into PDF files using the device's camera. Equipped with smart boundary detection and automated text enhancement algorithms. Embedded tools for sending scanned PDFs and JPEGs to cloud services (SkyDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Evernote, etc.) and email addresses. Supports wireless synchronisation with Cloud Print printers. Fast Scanner functionality: Free PDF Scan Creates a new PDF file in its own buffer or opens a selected one when you start; Syncs with your camera and uses it to scan analogue optical media (books, pictures, whiteboards, receipts, etc.) Analyses and processes a series of scanned photos to define a boundary of the scanned object and enhance the clarity of the captured text; Compiles a single image from the captured photo series, divides the text blocks into paragraphs and the identified images into self-contained graphic files; Creates a new page in the PDF document being used - inserts identified information of different types into it, maintaining its layout structure; Edits the selected content of the opened PDF document in a specified manner; Saves the result to a PDF file or as a JPEG image; Exports the saved file to a cloud storage service, to a printer synced via Cloud Print (for printing) or sends it to a specified email. Features of the OCR Scanner Relatively fast scanning and digitizing; Intelligent automated boundary detection system for scanning; Text enhancement by analyzing and combining multiple frames into a single image; A powerful set of functional tools for working with text and pictures; Allows syncing with popular cloud storage services; The function of sending the result of the work to email; Support for Cloud Print; Alternative saving in JPEG-file. Disadvantages . Some of the features are chargeable; Integrated advertising.

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