Fight of Wits 4.5.1

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Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1Fight of Wits 4.5.1

Fight of Wits is a fascinating Android game for those who wish to measure their strength in various fields of knowledge: science, culture, sports, TV, etc. Features and characteristics of the social quiz "Time Killer" for gambling intellectuals from FEO Media provides an opportunity to shine with erudition and compete in their achievements with real competitors. The winner will have to endure six rounds, each of which requires giving the correct answers to three tricky questions. Brilliant triumphs, embarrassing defeats, and cowardly surrenders are recorded in the public rankings. "Battles" are conducted both with random opponents, and with friends called to the tournament from four popular social networks: Facebook, VK, WhatsApp, Line. If there is no registration on these resources, that's okay. Invitation to the duel is sent out by link via Twitter or e-mail, as well as by sending an SMS message. For communication between knowledgeable gamers provides a convenient chat. How to play The first round of "Brainstorming" offers three randomly generated categories. All that remains is to sort out your preferences. For example: Around the World; In the world of movies; Bread and salt. In each subsequent bout, the section is chosen by the opponent. The task is to give the opponent a more difficult area of knowledge. The battle is conducted in asynchronous mode, which allows you to not be in the game all the time or to conduct simultaneous battles with multiple participants. The advantages of the game For fans to regularly replenish the baggage of knowledge with new facts and realities, and then compete with worthy competitors and conquer the tops of the intellectual table of superiority, the developers have provided: comfortable and simple interface; impressive quiz base: more than 25 thousand text and visual questions (you can create and add your own); sound effects and animated screensavers; chat feature. Disadvantages Too frequent advertising in the free version and repetitions when making thematic "threesomes".

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