Fireflies lockscreen 67

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Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67Fireflies lockscreen 67

Fireflies lockscreen is a "live smart wallpaper" with fireflies for Android. The application allows you to decorate not only the menu and "standby screen", but also the "lock screen". And the latter displays all types of notifications supported by the device. Dozens of fonts, color themes, background images, "flicker" modes of crickets, combined with a flexible toolkit for adjusting brightness, allow you to almost instantly set the design that best suits your mood. Functionality of Fireflies lockscreen Automatically replaces the selected background image and lock screen background with a wallpaper with "live" fireflies; Synchronizes selected alert display patterns with the visual interface of fireflies; Simulates the "flashing of fireflies" in standby mode and during alerts; Visualizes the "flight of butterflies" when unlocking the screen, turning the device on and off; Replaces the standard (optional) unlock, power on, power off, and alert sound effects with "forest wildlife sounds" Analyzes user "design settings", adjusts visual and sound effects according to the most recently set parameters; Reads touchscreen information and unlocks the screen when the correct password or "slide unlock" gesture is entered; Replaces clock, font and color according to specified parameters; Allows you to set a "schedule" for changing effects according to "user rules"; Automatically loads (optional) new wallpaper, visual effects, and sound alerts when there is an internet connection. Wallpaper features Require no "iron"; Easy to install; Fully synchronized with alert templates; Regular updates with new effects; Automatically change according to the "schedule"; Supports "touch commands". Cons Integrated advertising; Can't install your own images.

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