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Game Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525uGame Booster 4525u

Game Booster for Andoid is an app that optimises your device for running modern and heavy games. It works with little or no user intervention and supports multiple modes. All you need to do is choose the game you want to speed up and click on the icon to run it in optimisation mode. Game Booster features optimize processor bottlenecks to run resource intensive applications and games; conserves battery power for longer operation of the device; terminate background tasks and reduce processor load. Application Features Optimizer works in several modes. Ultra Gaming Mode and Hard Gaming Mode optimize the processor and memory to the maximum, terminating unnecessary tasks and increasing the device's battery drain, but ensuring maximum performance and the ability to run resource-intensive games. Balanced Gaming Mode balances game or app performance against background tasks, and Lite/Longer Gaming Mode optimizes battery life, keeping you running longer on a single charge. Benefits of Fully automatic operation after selecting a mode; A simple interface with a minimum of elements.

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