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Goddess: Primal Chaos is a multiplayer 3D action-adventure for Android with elements of MMORPG setting. Players will have to travel through time to return to the past and save the universe from a cunning Tyrant who has enslaved the world in the "present". The game features several conceptually different warrior classes, each with their own unique characteristics. Battling monsters, villains and other players, you'll have to work side-by-side with like-minded players to make your way across the battlefields of the past to save a world of humans, non-humans and spirits in the "present". Goddess: Primal Chaos gameplay Explore the numerous in-game classes, choose your favorite, build your own unique character and journey into the past; Fight monsters, bandits, cunning villains, and other players Complete a variety of quests to earn money and experience; Gather items, equipment, weapons, and potions from monsters and your opponents to use in battle, or resell them Recruit unique characters and guide each of them in battle through a special "plural" character management system; Buy horses, outfits, gear, weapons and equipment to travel faster, appear more respectable in populated areas and gain an edge over your enemies in battles; Master your combat combinations to gain an even bigger advantage during battles; Choose weapons, equipment, and gear based on your skills and the difficulty of the upcoming mission; Refrain from high-level quests until you have enough experience, or take a chance and, in case of a successful sortie, earn a lot of experience in a short time; Rob caravans if you're after money or unique items, but be aware that the Imperial Guard will be looking for you; Team up with other players to barter trade, raid serious bosses, improve your chances of attacking caravans and simply feel safe as you roam the expanses of the past; Upgrade each of your character's available traits to maximum level, giving priority to those that match their warrior class; Gain the blessings of the gods to use divine ooze to conquer demonic worlds; Gain unique in-game ranks to stand out from other players; Complete all major storyline quests to stop the insane Tyrant who has enslaved the "present" in the future. Arcade Features Class and clan gradation of characters; A wide variety of weapons, equipment, gear and supporting items; The presence of a single coherent storyline; Nice graphics; A pleasant soundtrack; Plenty of tools for character customisation. Cons The presence of advertisements; Part of the content is paid for; Demanding on hardware and traffic.

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