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HD Widgets Free is an extensive widget pack for Android phones and tablets. More than 100 widgets are included. Users have the ability to customize the units of temperature display, refresh intervals, location method, weather change notifications, precipitation, wind direction and wind speed. The time, date, city and weather service format can be changed. Widgets for alarm, battery, air quality index, etc. are available. To add a widget, simply tap on the screen and select the appropriate item in the menu that opens. Once the list of widgets is loaded, find the one you want and drag it onto the screen. You can customize each item by changing the background, font, size, colour, etc. Features of HD Widgets Free varied and colorful icons; special widgets for tablets; easy changes; possibility of visual configuration; easy to use and logical menu; skin customization; good optimization; large variety of backgrounds, design styles and configurations; touch-zone configuration; a wide range of options; sleek and uncluttered design. Disadvantages of the program high resource consumption; not supported on some smartphones; no certain skins.

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