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Hide Online 3.3.0Hide Online 3.3.0Hide Online 3.3.0Hide Online 3.3.0Hide Online 3.3.0Hide Online 3.3.0

Hide Online is a multiplayer hide and seek simulator for Android devices. Two teams of players, Hunters and Objects, take turns switching roles and looking for each other. Each round begins with a 30 second pause, during which players on the Objects team need to hide from the Hunters. Then for a few minutes the Hunters have to identify players disguised as Objects and shoot them. Shooting an inanimate object removes one point of life from the team of Hunters, while shooting an object in the opposite direction adds one point of life. Hide Online gameplay Choose which team you want to start the game with - the Hunters or the Avengers; Choose the map for the challenge or Random mode; Have 30 seconds to hide if you are playing as an Item so that the Hunters can't find you; Wait for all the Items to hide if you are playing as the Hunters, and have time to shoot at each player on the Items team before the round is over, but remember that hitting real Items will take away your life points; Watch the timer - in the last seconds of the round the Objects may try to flee in order to survive and the Hunters can start shooting randomly, hoping to hit an Objects team player; Buy for your life points special modifiers that temporarily give special abilities (thermal imaging camera that allows to see the players of the team Objects at a certain distance, one-time shield from the N-th number of bullets, etc.); save as many life points as possible by taking turns playing for both teams to become the best player of the match; Accumulate more life points than anyone else to become the best player on the planet! Simulator Features Hide and seek and shoot in one package; Ability to disguise as any object on the game map; 30 second freeze-time before each round; Alternating playing roles within a single match of two rounds; In-game ranking of the best players; Dozens of different modifiers, each giving a specific advantage; Fully animated, three-dimensional cartoon-style graphics; Dynamic music that changes depending on the actual situation of the forces on the map; The ability to change the layout of the round in the final seconds. Cons Some of the in-game content is paid; Integrated advertising.

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