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Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6Hide.io 30.0.6

Hide.io is an unusual hide and seek game for Android. Participants are divided into two teams "Hide Team" and "Tagger Team". The task of the players of the first team to merge with the environment so as to become invisible, and the other - to quickly find. As in any other game of hide-and-seek, a certain amount of time is given to hide and, accordingly, to search. The timer of the remaining time is displayed at the top of the screen. Hide-and-seek takes place in one of the city locations. Those who are hiding are various objects of life. It is very unusual to observe the independent movement of inanimate objects. There are a total of 17 types of objects in the game: household, store, construction, and office objects; objects of villages and camps; underground; street; school facilities; beach; airport facilities. In the office you can be a stack of papers, a file folder, a hanger, a locker, a chandelier, a desk lamp, and generally anything else you might encounter in the office. The search team has only 2 types of characters: a police officer and a person whose appearance can be changed by buying a favorite skin in the store. Graphics game three-dimensional in the style of LEGO construction. Objects though volumetric, but poorly traced, they have no glare and shadows. Control of the characters is simple, the left bottom of the screen is responsible for moving the horizontal plane of the map, and the right side of the screen has two buttons for moving up and down. There is music in the form of background music and sound effects in the interaction between objects. Features Hide.io Hide in the environment; search for character objects; change the game nickname; chatting; team change; monitoring the game. Game features game chat; change the server and channel; game items store; setting the parameters of the application. Disadvantages Incorrect translation into Russian.

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