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Huawei Backup is a service utility for Huawei Android devices. Creates backup copies of system and user information. It interacts with user-created "calendar information profiles", making individual backups of specific types of data at specified intervals. Supports backup of absolutely any type of information supported by Huawei devices - from system application cache to alarm clock settings or web browser bookmarks. Equipped with an integrated encryptor for backed up information. It can back up data to the device, SD card and to the cloud synced with the account. Huawei Backup functionality Analyzes user-specified backup parameters and saves them as a "calendar information" profile; Synchronises with the specified "cloud storage" when choosing to back up to the "cloud"; Reserves space for backups in device memory, if "internal memory" is selected as storage location, and automatically stops reserving backup space if remaining "file space" reaches a "critically low" size; Reads CPU's chronometer (internal clock) and automatically initiates a backup of needed data when the time arrives, as specified in the corresponding "calendar information" profile; Performs an in-depth scan of the system and copies all detected data when "all data" mode is selected; Identifies and backs up the cache of all installed applications as well as detected .apk files by selecting the "application" mode; Creates backup copies of stored multimedia data in "multi-media" mode; Encrypts backed up data in "protected" mode. Utility features Support for all available data types for Huawei devices; Possibility of differentiated backup of different types of information according to backup schedules specified in independent calendars; Several preset creation modes; Built-in device protection against "internal memory" overflow; Backup encryption function; Support for full backups of all information. Disadvantages Not intended for devices from other manufacturers; On "older" devices, the "internal memory" overflow protection function does not always work correctly.

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