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Jewel Mash is a classic three-in-a-row puzzle game for Android with fantasy setting, dedicated to the adventures of pirates sailing the oceans aboard the Jewel Star, led by Captain Morgan Le Match. Players will have to help the team of Morgan Le Matcha to find the legendary Treasure Islands, and plunder hidden on the ancient treasure hoards of jewels. But sea storms are only one of the dangers facing Le Match's crew! In the depths of the lost islands there are many unexplored dangers that the players will have to face. Jewel Mash Gameplay Explore the gameplay modes and choose your favorite mode; Choose one of the available islands for landing and go to its shores; Stack identical figures to complete a special island task, while also collecting gold, jewels, and maps; Defeat obstructing opponents before your team loses morale and determination to continue the treasure hunt; Fight epic bosses and other pirates to obtain unique maps showing the locations of ancient treasure-rich islands; Become the most dangerous and richest pirate in all four oceans, and rank among the world's legendary captains. Puzzle Features Presentable graphics with detailed animations; Hundreds of various enemies; Several game modes; More than 300 game levels; Dynamic interlevel events with the ability to obtain unique maps and even more gold; Integration into popular social networks; Synchronization of gameplay through social networks. Minuses Traffic consuming; Integrated advertising; Part of the content is paid.

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