Kingo ROOT 1.0.0

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Kingo ROOT 1.0.0Kingo ROOT 1.0.0Kingo ROOT 1.0.0Kingo ROOT 1.0.0Kingo ROOT 1.0.0

Kingo ROOT for Android - an application to get root rights on your device literally in one click. Kingo ROOT features Supports a large number of different mobile gadgets from different manufacturers; Work with all versions of Android; gaining access to system directories; work with temporary files (transfer, removal); creating backup copies of applications; installing applications on the memory card; removal of standard applications that cannot be removed by standard methods; renaming shortcuts and themes; launching applications that require root rights; access to the functions of changing the firmware of the device; increase the performance and autonomy of the device. Program Features Using the Kingo ROOT program allows you to unlock additional functions and settings of your gadget, which are usually hidden for ordinary users. You can increase battery life, overclock the processor by increasing its speed, make changes to the appearance of the interface of the device. The gadget becomes more functional by opening up hidden tools. Advantages of one-click unlocking; removing viruses and unwanted software from your device and speeding it up; ad removal; obtaining administrator rights.

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