Knight IO 1.41

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Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41Knight IO 1.41

Try on the armor and fight a heroic battle - that's all the true knight needs. Victory in Knight IO is only for the brave and depends a bit on the length of your weapon. Knight IO features Animated performance does not spoil the battle effect, and excitement covers the first minutes, requiring the player to valor and strategic thinking. At his disposal: weapons, defense and the ability to make the right choice. Battles are fought both with bots and with real opponents (offline and online). Engage in combat can be "single against all" and the whole squad (team play). Goal: defeat the enemy, collect reward crystals, level up and attack a new, stronger opponent. To win more often, you should consider the basic nuances: Crystals increase the length of spears. Shields are useless to pierce, it's better to aim at the right side of the enemy (a hit brings a big score). Talents hero (speed, marksmanship, invisibility, etc.) - a thing acquired for victories, real money or attracting new players through social networks. After death, knights are reborn, but their pockets are empty. You will have to start the accumulation process all over again. In multiplayer mode you will need a stable internet connection. Game Benefits The fun and energetic Knight IO is the perfect option for spending your leisure time. It never gets boring, and organizing tournaments with friends is a pleasure. On the side of cartoon adventures: a wide range of modes; characters with unique abilities; Cute animation and addictive gameplay; high dynamics and well-designed mechanics.

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