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Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8Kodi 18.8

Kodi for Android is a cross-platform media player. Allows you to play almost all popular media formats of today. Interoperable with both custom and third-party media files. Thanks to the open source code, Kodi users are constantly creating all sorts of plugins to extend its functionality. In addition, the integrated multiplatform command interpretation system enables Kodi to interact with the machines on which it is installed, regardless of what operating system they are using. Kodi for Android functionality Search, download and play media files in any popular format; Interprets touch commands for each individual device, thus allowing you to control playback and navigation using gestures; Groups, sorts and filters found media files; Reads and plays files archived in ISO, CUE, BIN, IMG, and NRG disc images; Locates, loads and interprets custom plug-ins, scripts, extensions as well as sound and graphic interfaces located in a designated directory or on the internet; Plays the information transmitted by the IP-TV protocols; Get the latest weather forecast. Features player Can be controlled remotely using any synced gadget (remote control, mouse, other smartphone); Open source and kernel written in Python 2.x - beginners will easily learn how to create plugins; Popular WindowXML is used for graphical widgets - you can create your own visual skins even without understanding basic programming; Ability to interact with machines controlled by different architecture of the OS; Is "friendly" with all services of Google; Availability of built-in web-server; Application is constantly being improved. Disadvantages New versions of Kodi do not support Android below 5.0.

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