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Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0Let's Farm 8.6.0

Let's Farm is a classic farm simulator for Android. Players have to develop their farm, farming, animal husbandry and compete for the title of the best farmer on the planet. The game features both single-player and cooperative modes, so it can be played alone without internet or with friends over mobile internet, Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Let's Farm gameplay Survey your future farm to build upon it with minimal effort; Clear away the weeds, plough up the fallow land, and sow your fertile crops; Nurture your crops by watering and fertilizing regularly to ensure a good harvest; Control pests so that they do not destroy crops; Gather the fruit in good time so that it does not wilt and fall off; Sell your harvested crops at the market to earn the money you need to expand your farm; Buy new lands, buildings, and crops to grow your farm and earn more money; Construct buildings as needed to grow your farm, so you can do things that were previously out of your reach; Start farming livestock so you don't have to depend on the weather; Take care of your purchased pets, feed them in time and fend off predators so that they give birth to offspring; Sell milk, eggs and adult animals to raise even more money; Explore new buildings in the workshop, and erect them to unlock more and more possibilities for your farm; Buy up all the surrounding areas, plant every type of noble crop represented in the game, buy all the animals, build every type of building, and upgrade to the maximum level in the single-player game to fully complete it; Visit your friends in the online game to help them with their chores and earn extra credits and experience; Become the number one ranked farmer to become famous as the best farmer of our time. Simulator Features Beautiful animated graphics; The need to actively participate in the life of the farm - otherwise the plants will wither and the animals will die out; Ability to play alone and over the network; A nice musical accompaniment; Constant updates with new buildings, plants, animals, and areas; Not demanding to "iron". Cons: Multiplayer consumes a lot of traffic; Part of the content is paid; Advertising inserts.

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