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Mail.Ru Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud is a convenient service for storing multimedia content, as well as other important files for the user. The service is also available for smartphones based on the Android operating system. Mail.Ru Cloud features access to your precious memories at any moment and from any convenient device (photos, videos); space saving on your phone; fast distribution of necessary files or information among friends and acquaintances; you can view and listen to multimedia files of popular formats directly in the application without downloading to your smartphone (you can open videos in third-party players); view text documents, presentations and tables of popular formats directly in the application (some require installation of additional office packages); rename, move, and delete files within the cloud; create shared folders with the users of the service; instantly share photos, videos, and other types of files. Application Features completely removes the need for removable media; no matter what happens to your external drive, hard drive, computer, or smartphone - all files will stay safe and sound. Advantages Nice looking and at the same time functional interface; good optimization; Possibility to save money for buying an external storage device; the account that the user uses for the cloud on the smartphone can be used on other devices. Disadvantages to fully use the service requires a fairly fast Internet.

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