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My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16My Chicken 1.16

My Chicken is a symbiosis of a tamagotchi and a chicken growing simulator for Android. Players have to develop their own chicken, take care of him, to protect him from dangers and to grow from a cute yellow ball of feathers full-grown adult chicken or rooster. Chick - a very capricious creature, so you have to surround him with care and affection. In addition, your chicken is endowed with human habits, so you need to treat it as an equal, respect its wishes, buy it new clothes, take it to parties and so on. My Chicken gameplay Choose one of the base eggs, and wait for a chick to hatch out of it; Get to know the baby, get to know its character and primary needs; Provide the chick with everything it needs to get strong as soon as possible; Nurture the chick, monitor its sleeping and eating habits - otherwise it will weaken and not be able to grow further; As the chick grows, it will have new needs - provide it with everything it needs in time, but remember that some of the chick's wishes may lead it down a "slope" and only you can keep it safe; Buy the chick appropriate clothing for the season or theme party so it doesn't feel like an outcast among other birds; Furnish your chick's house with everything it needs to live in comfort; Plant a lush garden, buy an aquarium with exotic fish, teach your chick to play musical instruments and in other ways contribute to its uniqueness; Buy new eggs and raise even more chicks. Simulator Features Beautiful cartoon graphics; Multiplayer gameplay elements allowing you to compete with other players; 32 integrated mini-games in which you can compete for medals to please your chick; More than 1,000,000 birdie outfits to give your chick a unique style Nice soundtrack; Ability to play without internet. Cons Part of the content is paid; Embedded advertising inserts; Multiplayer mode requires a high-speed internet connection and consumes traffic; Lack of language clusters - players may not understand each other.

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