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My Talking Tom 2 is the second part of the popular Android game in the Tamagotchi genre, in which the user must take care of the main character - a kitten. Tom performs all the necessary household procedures, entertainment and medical treatment, thanks to the appropriate options in the menu. The application is made in 3D graphics. Features of My Talking Tom 2 The hero does not sit in place and is constantly in active motion. The user must search together with the kitten for hidden aeroplane icons. These can be spent on experience, tasty food for Tom, accessories and costumes, interior decor items and coins. The latter can be used to buy sweets and vegetables. The mini-game allows for continuous development of the main character. Tom gets prizes for completing certain actions. In front of him open up interesting and new opportunities. Most of the time the cat spends on entertainment: computer games, jumping on a trampoline, training with a punching bag, training with a basketball, playing with dolls. Game functionality Tom can go to other graphic worlds in his plane. The user takes an active part in controlling the flying craft. The cat can get sick or hurt. He needs constant care until he recovers. It's possible to play with Tom's pets and buy them food with accumulated coins. As you move to a new level, the possibilities of the hero increase, and household tasks for the user increase. The cat's stage of development is indicated by a green bar. You can select the cat's facial expression - laughter, sadness, smile, surprise, etc. In the existing world, Tom can be thrown, dropped, spun and placed on the sofa or chairs. There is an option to purchase items within the mini-game. Advantages User-friendly and clear gameplay; well-drawn 3D character; the ability to grow and develop the cat; A large number of tasks and activities to keep Tom occupied.

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