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Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0Nebulous 3.1.0

Nebulous is a popular Android game in which the gameplay is based on the confrontation of players for first place. The player needs to devour enemies using various bonuses, use the game tricks and gain mass. The player who gathers the most mass becomes the winner. Nebulous Features Absorb everything you find in your path and gain mass.Space is a dangerous place, beware of black holes that can easily explode. Set your own image and create a custom image of your character - players will recognize you from your original avatar. Game Benefits You can play together with your friends, form your own clans and join clans of other players, participate in clan wars; Management is set up individually for each player; In-game player rating system allows players to measure their strength and become the strongest among the rest; Gaining experience in the game, you not only move up the rankings, but also gain achievements and awards; In one round at the same time can participate 27 participants; The game has a large number of game modes: Classic, Survival, Game for Time and others; Choose from over 500 skins or upload your own to stand out from the rest and be recognizable on the battlefields; There is an equally addictive single player mode. Disadvantages of Nebulous To play over the network you need a high-speed connection via Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G modem.

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